Reports & Briefing papers


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December 2014-January 2015

Sudan Human Rights Monitor, December 2014-January 2015, African Centre For Justice and Peace Studies

22 April 2015 

The Chaos in Darfur, by International Crisis Group, Crisis Group Africa Briefing N°110, Nairobi/Brussels, 22 April 2015 

February 2010 Appeals Chambres Decision against Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir, 3 February 2010
October 2009 The Impact of Restitution, Reparations and Compensation on the Peace Process in Darfur Critical Review of the Restitution Provisions in Darfur Peace Agreement
September 2008 Response of the Government of Sudan to the Darfur Insurgents attack against Omdurman of 10th May 2008
30 May 2006 DRDC Briefing Paper 8
The Darfur Peace Agreement: A Raw and Irrelevant Deal
24 April 2006 DRDC Briefing Paper 7
Darfur: The Killing Field Continues
25 January 2006 DRDC Briefing Paper 6
The Darfur Peace Process a Hollow Exercise
10 June 2005 DRDC Briefing Paper 5
Darfur: A Declaration of Principles on Political
Negotiations is a Step in the Right Direction
21 Febuary 2005 DRDC Briefing Paper 4
Darfur: No Peace without Justice
3 January 2005 DRDC Briefing Paper 3
Darfur: Hope Raised and Dashed
25 October 2004 DRDC Briefing Paper 2
The Sirte Mini-Summit: When African Solidarity becomes Complicity
21 July 2004 DRDC Briefing Paper 1
The Humanitarian Situation in Darfur and its Implication in International Law