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Studies & Research Papers


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May 2012 Economic Cost of Armed Conflict in Darfur JDPE Final
March 2011 Toward Peace with Justice in Darfur: A Framework for Accountability
July 2010 Past and Future of UNAMID:
Tragic Failure or Glorious Success?
Apr 2010 Darfur between war and peace
Mar 2010 Rigged Elections in Darfur and the Consequences of a Probable NCP Victory in Sudan
Mar 2010 Darfur Review XIII - Perspectives from the Arab World
Mar 2010 Evidence-Based Peacekeeping:
Exploring the Epidemiology of Lethal Violence in Darfur
Mar 2010 UN Response To The Darfur Crisis
Mar 2010 The EU's Role In The Darfur Crisis From 2003 Until Today
Mar 2010 Realigning US Foreign Policy With Reality In Darfur: Formulating A Wohle-Of-Sudan Policy
Mar 2010 Arab Official Postions Towards President Al Bashir's Indictment
Mar 2010 Bridiging the Gap between Narrative and Practices: The Role of the Arab League in Darfur
Mar 2010 Darfur and Arab Public Opinion: Strategies for Engagement
Feb 2010 The African Union In Darfur:
Understanding The Afro-Arab Response To The Crisis
Feb 2010 Sudan: The Crisis in Darfur and Status of the North-South Peace Agreement
Jan 2010 After Janjaweed ?
Socioeconomic Impacts of the Conflict in Darfur
Jan 2010 Rhetoric and Reality:
The Failure to Resolve the Darfur Conflict
Dec 2009 Supply and demand: Arms flows and holdings in Sudan
Dec 2009 Sudan: Preventing Implosion
Oct 2009 The Gap between Narratives and Practices.
Darfur: Responses from the Arab world
Oct 2009 The Way Forward: Ending Human Rights Abuses and Repression across Sudan
Oct 2009 Sudan: Peace or war? Unity or secession?
Sep 2009 Future Prospects for Native Administration and Local Governance in Darfur
July 2009 Sudan: Justice, Peace And The ICC
Jun 2009 Beyond ‘Janjaweed’: Understanding the Militias of Darfur
May 2009 Human Rights In Darfur:
Winners And Looser In the Search For Justice?
Apr 2009 The Tormented Triangle: The Regionalisation Of Conflict, in Sudan, Chad And The Central African Republic
Apr 2009 One Month On In Darfur And Sudan:
The Expulsion And Suspension Of International And National Humanitarian And Human Rights Organisations
Mar 2009 ICC's Verdict on Darfur: Whose Responsibility?
Mar 2009 The International Criminal Court and Darfur:
Questions and Answers
Jan 2009 Empty Promises On Darfur: International Community Fails To Deliver
Jan 2009 Resolving African crises: Leadership role for African States and the African Union in Darfur
2009 Environment and Conflict in Africa: Reflections on Darfur
2009 Evaluating the Darfur Peace Agreement:
A Call for an Alternative Approach to Crisis Management
Dec 2008 The ICC’s Involvement in the Situation in Darfur:
Not a Threat to Peace
Nov 2008 Genocide in Darfur: Challenges and Opportunities for Action
Nov 2008 Darfur: Abductions, sexual slavery and forced labour
Nov 2008 Rhetoric vs. Reality - The Situation in Darfur
Nov 2008 Destitution, distortion and deforestation:
The impact of conflict on the timber and woodfuel trade in Darfur
Sep 2008 Conflict Management and Opportunity Cost:
The International Response to the Darfur Crisis
Sep 2008 Conflict, Arms and Militarization:
The Dynamics of Darfur’s IDP Camps
Sep 2008 Crisis in Darfur - Is there any hope for peace?
Sep 2008 Sudan: What Implications for President Al-Bashir’s Indictment by the ICC?
Sep 2008 International Criminal Court Cases in Africa:
Status and Policy Issues
Aug 2008 Human Rights in Conflict Situations:
A Critical Analysis of the Role of Human Rights Organisations In Darfur, Sudan
Aug 2008 The African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS):
Experiences and Lessons Learned
July 2008 Putting People First: The Protection Challenge Facing UNAMID in Darfur
June 2008 Testimony of Daoud Ibrahim Hari - Hearing on "From Nuremburg to Darfur: Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity",Before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law
June 2008 China’s role in the mediation and resolution of conflict in Africa
May 2008 Negotiating Peace in Darfur: Failures and Prospects
May 2008  “They Shot at Us as We Fled” - Government Attacks on Civilians in West Darfur
Apr 2008 Darfur, Conflict, and Climate Change:
Identifying Opportunities for Sustainable Peace
Apr 2008 Tracking the Genocide in Darfur:
Population Displacement as Recorded by Remote Sensing
Apr 2008 The International Response to Darfur
Apr 2008 Five Years On: No Justice for Sexual Violence in Darfur
Apr 2008 Malthus and Darfur
Apr 2008 The Chad–Sudan Proxy War and the ‘Darfurization’ of Chad: Myths and Reality
Mar 2008 The Dynamics of Conflict in the Tri-Border Region of the Sudan, Chad and the Central African Republic
Mar 2008 Activisim in Darfur: Slow Drying Policy Change
Feb 2008 Echo effects: Chadian instability and the Darfur conflict
Feb 2008 The Politics of Local Boundaries and Conflict in Sudan:
The South Darfur Case
Feb 2008 Sudan’s foreign relations with Asia:
China and the politics of ‘looking east’
Jan 2008 Displaced in Darfur - A generation of anger
Jan 2008 Negotiating Peace in Darfur

DARFUR – Dimensions and Dilemmas of a Complex Situation
Dec 2007 The land question: Sudan’s peace nemesis
Dec 2007 Darfur debated
Nov 2007 Reparation And The Darfur Peace Process:
Ensuring Victim's Rights
Nov 2007 Darfur's New Security Reality
Oct 2007 Darfur: Water supply in a vulnerable environment
Oct 2007 Humanitarian advocacy in Darfur: the challenge of neutrality
Sep 2007 Chaos by Design - Peacekeeping Challenges for AMIS and UNAMID
Aug 2007 Will Security Council Resolution 1769 Make A Difference In Darfur?
Aug 2007 Managing Conflict over Natural Resources in Greater Kordofan, Sudan: Some recurrent patterns and governance implications
Aug 2007 Implementing A No-fly Zone In Darfur: Options And Arguments
Aug 2007 The hybrid operation for Darfur:
A critical review of the concept of the mechanism
July 2007 Arms, oil, and Darfur:
The evolution of relations between China and Sudan
July 2007 Divided They Fall: The Fragmentation of Darfur’s Rebel Groups
July 2007 A Strategy For Comprehensive Peace in Sudan
May 2007 Protecting civilians through peace agreements:
Challenges and lessons of the Darfur Peace Agreement
May 2007 No Peace to Keep - Darfur in Perspective
May 2007 ICC Prosecutor’s First Darfur Case:
Some Tough Challenges Ahead
May 2007 Protection of civilians in African peace missions: The case of the African Union Mission in Sudan, Darfur
Apr 2007 Darfur: An investigation into a tragedy’s forgotten actors
Apr 2007 ‘Outlaws on Camelback’: State and individual responsibility for serious violations of international law in Darfur
Apr 2007 Darfur: Revitalising The Peace Process
Apr 2007 Darfur - A Cultural Handbook
Mar 2007            Sudan at the Crossroads
Mar 2007 The Tearful Janjaweed Trail of Violence, Rape, Murder and Genocide: The Continuing Human Rights Offenses and Violations of Humanitarian Law against Darfurians
Jan 2007 Darfur and Beyond: What Is Needed To Prevent Mass Atrocities
2007 Reflections on the Difficulties of Defining Darfur’s Crisis as Genocide
2007 United Nations Arms Embargoes:  Their Impact on Arms Flows and Target Behaviour,  Case study: Darfur, Sudan, 2004–2006
Dec 2006 No Dialogue, No Commitment:
The Perils of Deadline Diplomacy for Darfur
Dec 2006 Does Darfur Have a Future in the Sudan?
Dec 2006 Death And Destruction In Darfur:
A Pragmatic Approach To Stopping Genocide
Nov 2006 DARFUR CRISIS - Progress in Aid and Peace Monitoring Threatened by Ongoing Violence and Operational Challenges
Nov 2006 Darfur and the ICC: Ensuring Accountability
Oct 2006 Women, War and Darfur:
Implementing and Expanding Gender Violence Justice
Oct 2006 Getting the UN into Darfur
Sep 2006 No Ownership, No Peace: The Darfur Peace Agreement
Sep 2006 The Non-Enduring Peace:
Critical review of Darfur Peace Agreement
Sep 2006 Darfur and the Battle for Khartoum
Sep 2006 Livelihoods, migration and remittance flows in times of crisis and conflict: case studies for Darfur, Sudan
July 2006 Rwanda and Darfur: A Comparative Analysis
Jun 2006 Chad: Darfur crisis - Testimonies from Eastern Chad
Jun 2006 Darfur’s Fragile Peace Agreement
Jun 2006 Darfur Update
Jun 2006 Sudan: Humanitarian Crisis, Peace Talks, Terrorism, and U.S. Policy
May 2006 Darfur: Historical and Contemporary Aspects
May 2006 Darfur: Humanitarian Aid under Siege
Apr 2006 Ensuring Protection in Darfur: The U.N. Mandate
Mar 2006 Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement: The Long Road Ahead
Mar 2006 To Save Darfur
Mar 2006 The Janjaweed in the Sudan: A Case of Chronic Paramilitarism
Mar 2006 The War in Darfur: The Resource Dimension
Feb 2006 Darfur Bleeds: Recent Cross-Border Violence in Chad
Feb 2006 Sudan: The Elusive Quest for Peace
Jan 2006 The African Mission in Sudan: Darfur dilemmas
Jan 2006 Justice empowered or justice hampered: The International Criminal Court in Darfur
Jan 2006 Competing Masculinities: Probing Political Disputes as Acts of Violence against Women from Southern Sudan and Darfur
Jan 2006 Canada as an international actor in Sudan
Jan 2006 Sudan: Imperatives for Immediate Change -
The African Union Mission in Sudan
Catalogue of Historical Documents on Darfur
2006 The International Community's Failure to Protect
Dec 2005 Entrenching Impunity:
Government Responsibility for International Crimes in Darfur
Dec 2005
Reparartions, Compensation and Affirmative Action and their Role in Peace-making and Peace-building in Darfur
Dec 2005 Darfur’s Children
Nov 2005 No power to protect: The African Union Mission in Sudan
Oct 2005 Unifying Darfur's Rebels: A Prerequisite for Peace
Oct  2005 The EU/AU Partnership In Darfur: Not Yet A Winning Combination
Aug 2005 The Criminology Of Genocide: The Death and Rape Of Darfur
July 2005 The AU's Mission in Darfur: Bridging the Gaps
Jun 2005 Darfur - The Genocide Continues
Jun 2005 Do Americans Care about Darfur?
May 2005
Understanding the Conflict in Darfur by M. A.
Mohamed Salih
May 2005
From Instigating Violence to Building Peace:
The Changing Role of Women in Darfur Region of
Western Sudan
May 2005 The Effects of Conflict on the Health and Well-being of Women and Girls in Darfur
Apr 2005 Darfur: One Year On - Who's Work To Save Lives And Reduce Suffering
Apr 2005 A New Sudan Action Plan
Mar 2005 Darfur, Sudan: The responsibility to protect
Mar 2005 The Crushing Burden of Rape: Sexual Violence in Darfur
Mar 2005 Sudan: Death Toll in Darfur
Mar 2005 Darfur: The Failure To Protect
Feb 2005 Darfur 2005: Livelihoods Under Siege
Jan 2005 Darfur and the Genocide Debate
The African Union's Peacekeeping Experience in Darfur, Sudan
2005 Darfur: Whose Responsibility to Protect?
Dec 2004 Environmental Degradation as a Cause of Conflict in Darfur
Dec 2004 The Crisis in Darfur: An Analysis Of Its Origins And Storylines
Nov 2004 Seven Myths Hindering Peace In Darfur
Nov 2004 Unsimplifying Darfur
Nov 2004 “If We Return, We Will Be Killed”
Consolidation of Ethnic Cleansing in Darfur, Sudan
Nov 2004 Darfur: Management of a Genocidal Crisis
Oct 2004 The Use of Rape as a Weapon of War in the Conflict in Darfur, Sudan
Sep 2004 Genocide In Darfur:  A Legal Analysis
Sep 2004 The Darfur Tragedy
Sep 2004 Documenting Atrocities in Darfur
Sep 2004 Giving Meaning to ‘‘Never Again’’:
Seeking an Effective Response to the Crisis in Darfur and Beyond
Sep 2004 Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur to the United Nations Secretary-General
Aug 2004 Dying In Darfur:
Can the ethnic cleansing in Sudan be stopped?
Aug 2004 Retrospective Mortality Survey Among the Internally Displaced Population, Greater Darfur
Aug 2004 Darfur Deadline: A New International Action Plan
July 2004 Sudan, Darfur: Rape as a weapon of war
Sexual violence and its consequences
July 2004 Darfur and Genocide: Mechanisms for Rapid Response,
An End to Impunity
July 2004 Darfur Documents Confirm Government Policy of Militia Support
Jun 2004 Sudan: The Crisis in Darfur
Jun 2004 Emergency In Darfur, Sudan: No relief in sight
Jun 2004 Sudan: Conflict in Darfur
May 2004 Sudan: Now Or Never In Darfur 
May 2004 Dithering over Darfur? A preliminary review of the international response
May 2004 Ideas on the Background of the Present Conflict in Darfur
May 2004 Darfur Destroyed: Ethnic Cleansing by Government and Milita Forces in Western Sudan
Apr 2004 Darfur in Flames: Atrocities in Western Sudan
Mar 2004 Darfur Rising: Sudan's New Crisis
Feb 2004 Naming the Darfur Genocide:
The Sudanese Government’s Gun Barrel Politics in Dafur
Feb 2004 Sudan: Darfur: "Too many people killed for no reason"
Feb 2004 Inside Darfur: Ethnic Genocide by a Governance Crisis
Jun 2003 Sudan's Other Wars

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