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December 2007 UNAMID Deployment on the Brink
25 November 2007
Bringing Hope, Forging Peace The Elders Mission to Sudan
30 July 2007
Population Influx from Tchad to West Darfur
September 2005 Gender Justice Challenges in Darfur
30 March 2005 International Development Select Committee Report
January 2005 Causes of Conflicts in Sudan, Testing the Black Book, Alex Cobham
January 2005
Rule of Lawlessness, Roots and Repercussions of the Darfur Crisis
August 2004 Genocide in Sudan, Parliamentary Brief, UK, 2004
25 April 2004
Report of Inter-Agency Mission to Kailek Concentration Camp
  Arab Congregation and the Ideology of Genocide in Darfur, Sudan