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DRDC - FRONTPAGE - 31 Aug 2017 Assault against University Students from Darfur Continues in Sudan

31 August 2017


Assault against University Students from Darfur Continues in Sudan

The conflict that pits hundreds of students from Darfur and the administration of the University of Bakht Alruda in Al-Dewaim town (White Nile State) remains unresolved and threatens the future of these students. All attempts for an amicable solution of the conflict failed as the two parties assumed irreconcilable positions and refused all possible compromise solutions. The ongoing crisis started on 18 July 2017 when 1,256 students from Darfur at the University of Bakht Alruda submitted their resignations and abandoned the university campus in protest of what they described as a series of discriminatory practices, abuses and maltreatment they suffered in the hands of the university administration and the security forces in the aftermath of the Students’ Union elections

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 Confirmed Damaged and Destroyed VILLAGES...

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Darfuri Actvisit Hawa Jango flanked by US First Lady Obama and Secretary Clinton, after her decorartion as one of ten brave women of the World, Washington, March 2012  

AUHIP - 4 Years of existence

The African Union High-Level Implementation Panel : Four Years of Existence !

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Dar es Salaam Declaration on Reenergizing the Peace Process in Darfur

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Darfuri students sit for their annual exam,
12 March 2012